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Victimizer - The Final Assault


Some of the best  music out of Denmark since cult Mercyful Fate!! Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from 80-%¨%$-3. "The Final Assault" is their first & final studio album, a sure lesson in violence… a heavy bulldozer plowing through the wave of newbie friendly  thrash. This is Rapid Thrashing Violent Speed Metal Hell with an evil edge that cuts like RAZOR!!!!! Face the music, prepare to die!!!.  Released by Hells Headbangers


1. Tyrants Genocide 04:22 
2. Circle of Annihilation 03:55 
3. Iron Cobra (Pride of the Zombie Squad) 03:32 
4. Demons in the Night 04:17 
5. No Escape from the Jaws of Hell 05:01 
6. Pentagram Warfare 03:31 
7. Beast of Slaughter 04:26 
8. Running Wild in Nuclear Streets 04:00 
9. Raise the F...... Knife 03:58 
10. Flamethrower Madness 04:13

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