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Apokalyptic Raids - Only Death Is Real Old School Braz


Remastered version of this now Classic. Includes their famous demo from 1999. Released by Unsilent Records. It also can be signed by the drummer as he works here with us. RARE!

Tracklist :

1. The Enemy (Intro) 00:42 
2. Evil 02:38 
3. Forgotten Tales 03:48 
4. Into The Twilight Zone 04:55 
5. Eternal Gloom 03:22 
6. Angels Of Hell 03:07 
7. Humankind Dies 04:44 
8. Tyrant, Emperor 05:30 
9. Apocalyptic Raids 05:48 
10. Tales Of Horror (Outro) 04:24

Bonus tracks from Demo Reh March 99 , for the first time complete.

Evil (demo)
Angels of Hell (Taken from "Maximum Metal Mayhem / On the Wings of Death " Split
with Gravewürm)
Forgotten Tales (New Version)
Tyrant Emperor (demo)
Impaler (demo)
Eternal Gloom (New Version)
The Way of The Warrior (New Version)
Apocalyptic Raids (demo)

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