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Maninnya Blade - Undead, Unborn, Alive

Release date: 08/10/2006


Double CD containg all material recorded by this awesome Swedish Speed / Thrash Metal band from the 80´s. Including  "Merchants in Metal" full lenght, " Barbarian / Ripper Attack" single plus unreleased and Live Tracks. Extensive booklet with all lyrics and pictures.

Tracklist :

Live Life at Speed
Bearer of the Ring
Attila the Hun
Dance to Evil
No Pax Romana
Voyage to Hades
Metal Pride
Ripper Attack
The Barbarian
Discipline of Speed ( Live )
Ripper Attack ( Live )
Tribal Warfare ( Live )

CD 2
Tribal Warfare
Traveller in Time
Merchants in Metal
Bounty Hunter Eyes
Discipline of Speed
A Demon Surprise
The Raven
Live Life at Speed ( Live )
The Barbarian ( Live )
Religion ( Studio Track )

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