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Whiplash - Messages In Blood

Descripion: There is a trend in the underground metal scene to release these compilations of old demo material and live cuts by bands with cult followings. What's nice about them is that they give a nice overview of the band's past as well as a bit of a history lesson on a scene that was new, fresh and fun. This is certainly true of 'Message in Blood' as it contains the band's first two demos, and some very rare live material. To go along with each demo and live performance there are notes by each of the three Tonys about what was going on at the time.


Thunderstruck demo
1. "King With the Axe"
2. "Spit on Your Grave"
3. "Thrash Til Death"
4. "Chained up. Strapped Down"

Looking Death in the Face demo
5. "The Burning of Atlanta"
6. "Stirrin' the Cauldron"
7. "Respect the Dead"
8. "Last Man Alive"
9. "Spit on Your Grave"

Live Showplace, Dover, NJ 8/16/85
10. "Killing on Monroe Street"
11. "Eternal Eyes"
12. "Respect the Dead"
13. "Stirrin' the Cauldron"
14. "The Burning of Atlanta"
15. "Nailed to the Cross"

Live CBGB's, NYC, NY 11/27/85
16. "War Monger"
17. "Message in Blood"
18. "Nailed to the Cross"
19. "Stagedive"

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