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About Us
In 1995, after being a member of some bands in the 80’s and feeling unhappy with the Rio de Janeiro metal scene, Armando Pereira decided to invest his money in a very risk business: Open a CD store in Rio where all kinds of heavy metal CDs could be found, especially the most obscure bands and the old forgotten bands that never got the recognition they deserved, especially among young headbangers.

Due to the economical stability of the time, the store managed to establish itself as one of the best Heavy Metal CD stores in Rio de Janeiro, making CD’s often considered impossible to find in other stores available again. Because of the economic prosperity Brazil was going through at the time, the albums arrived at the store almost at the same time of their original international release date.

However, with all the government changes and currency variations in Brazil, it became a tough job importing heavy metal CDs. The only way out was to diversify the businesses to keep the store financially feasible and able to maintain its tradition of high quality service.

So, in 2003, Marquee Records, the record label, was born. Focusing on a very specific public, one tired of the similarity and clichés that infest the current scene, the label re-released several minor hidden gems in the Brazilian market, including albums by Iron Angel, Sacrifice, Sun Descends, Nasty Savage and others. Marquee has also re-released some excellent Brazilian old, such as Executer’s “Rotten Authorities”, long out of print in vinyl and never before available on CD. Excellent new bands have also been discovered by the label, such as Andralls, Distraught and Nordheim, this last one considered by the underground press one of the best new bands in 2004.

After establishing its name in the Brazilian market, Marquee started expanding its horizons beyond Brazilian borders. Its releases have obtained excellent reception in the international market, and its future looks bright and promising. In 2005, several other important albums will be put out, reaching a public eager for all those classic bands that, for many reasons, were left behind. The re-releases will all have deluxe packaging, the trademark of a label that is always searching the best in their products.



Malevolent Creation - The Will To Kill
$7.99 USD


Cypher Seer - Awakening Day
$9.99 USD


Atrophy - Socialized Hate
$10.99 USD


Sanctifier - Awaked by Impurity Rites
$9.99 USD


Taurus - Signo de Taurus
$15.99 USD

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