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Reviolence - Modern Beast

First full cd from this Thrash Metal band from Brazil with Panzer ex members.Thrash / Speed Metal with clean vocals. Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!
US$ 11.99


Strikemaster - Vicious Nightmare

Latest CD from the best Mexican Thrash Metal act nowadays and surely one of the best worldwide, I am really happy to release this CD, IMO one of my best releases ever showing all power and violence from this young Old School Thrash Metal band.
US$ 11.99


Armoros - Piece by Piece

Armoros is one of the best Canadian Thrash Metal bands ever who unfortunately disbanded without releasing their debut album. Their history goes back to 1985 in Victoria, BC. After 5 demos and one AWESOME album (that never saw the light of day), they gave up… But now we have the opportunity of hearing all the technique and rage from those Canadian Thrashers, including one of the best bios ever written about a Metal Band, tons of pictures, flyers, etc, all splited into 3 CDs covering their whole life. Also comes into a box with a sticker. LIMITED!!!
US$ 25.99


Devastation - Dispensible Bloodshed

Together with Possessed and Death, here we have the forefathers of Death Metal. Going back to 1986, 4 friends from Chicago created a band which was at least 10 years ahead of its time. A lot of bands never actually had a fair vocalist, fewer a good one but Devastation managed to have TWO of the greatest vocalists in Thrash / Death Metal History. This 3 CD box contains all songs ever recorded by this band, including some that were only played live, but have never been recorded. Inside the box extensive liner notes with bio, pictures, flyers and also a sticker. LIMITED!!! US$ 25.99


Buy both for a special price!
US$ 45.99


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Panic - Rotten Church
$12.99 USD


Farscape - For Those Who Love to Kill
$16.99 USD


Taurus - Pornography
$15.99 USD


Victimizer - The Final Assault
$10.99 USD


Masacre - Colombia...Imperio del Terror/Cancer de Nuestros Dias
$9.99 USD

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